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How much does is cost?

Naviagate to the pricing tab and the whole price list is there for you to look at. If it is a charitable event please contact me.

What color is the curtain, can I cordinate it with my event?

My curtain is gray velvet, you can see it in some of the slide show pictures on the home page. I only use this curtain for a reason. Automatic cameras try to make everything gray, so if you have a white curtain, your images will be under exposed and if you use a black curtain, your images will be over exposed. So for the best images gray is the best choice. I want the best images that are possible. That being said I can drap fabric that cordinates with your event in the background of the booth at no charge, but the gray will give you the best results.

Can we supply our own album?

I have a large variety of albums, but you are welcome to supply your own. I have many clients that have even designed thier own pages for the albums, and they looked great! If you have special requests, just let me know.

How much room does it take up?

The foot print of the booth itself is 4 feet by 6 feet. I also need at minimum of a 6 foot table for your album and printer. If you request props, another 6 foot table is handy.

Can I view my pictures online?

By request I will put pictures online at no additional charge, but to me, what happens in the booth stays in the booth! You rented the booth and the photos are yours. I also feel that sometimes there are pictures people don't want the whole world to see, that is part of the fun of the photobooth.

Do you have props?

I do have silly hats feather boas, etc... I bring them at your request. If you request them, they will be in just about every photo and some people don't want that. So just let me know props or no props.

What is the quality of the photos?

The quality matters to me. The photobooth does use an automatic camera, but I strive to do everything I can to have quality photos. As I mentioned before the use of the gray background, I print everything on archival photo paper, set the color balance for each event, and I pay close attention to how much background is showing. Other booths all you see is background with a little head sticking up at the bottom of the frame.